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Drama Club

Rehearsal, Tickets, Information Last Updated: 12/16/2019 2:51 PM

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PCHS Drama Club Presents:


Coming March 2020


Rehearsal Tracks

Fugue for Tinhorns: /userfiles/629/my files/02 fugue for tinhorns.mp3?id=2384

Follow the Fold:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/rehearsal tracks/03 follow the fold.mp3?id=2385

The Oldest Established: /userfiles/629/my files/05 the oldest established.mp3?id=2386

Follow the Fold (reprise): /userfiles/629/my files/06 follow the fold (reprise).mp3?id=2387

I'll Know: /userfiles/629/my files/07 i'll know.mp3?id=2388

A Bushel and a Peck: /userfiles/629/my files/09 a bushel and a peck.mp3?id=2394

Adelaide's Lament: /userfiles/629/my files/10 adelaide's lament.mp3?id=2395

Guys and Dolls: /userfiles/629/my files/13 guys and dolls.mp3?id=2396

If I Were a Bell: /userfiles/629/my files/18 if i were a bell.mp3?id=2397

I've Never Been in Love Before: /userfiles/629/my files/20 i've never been in love before.mp3?id=2398

Adelaide's Second Lament: /userfiles/629/my files/23 adelaide's second lament.mp3?id=2399

Luck Be a Lady: /userfiles/629/my files/26 luck be a lady.mp3?id=2400

Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat: /userfiles/629/my files/29 sit down you're rockin' the boat.mp3?id=2401

The Guys Follow the Fold: /userfiles/629/my files/30 the guys follow the fold.mp3?id=2402

Marry the Man Today: /userfiles/629/my files/31 marry the man today.mp3?id=2403

The Happy Ending: /userfiles/629/my files/34 the happy ending.mp3?id=2404

Accompaniment Tracks

Fugue for Tinhorns:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/02 fugue for tinhorns.mp3?id=2040

Follow the Fold:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/03 follow the fold.mp3?id=2041

The Oldest Established:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/05 the oldest established.mp3?id=2043

Follow the Fold (reprise):  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/06 follow the fold (reprise).mp3?id=2044

I'll Know:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/07 i'll know.mp3?id=2045

A Bushel and a Peck:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/09 a bushel and a peck.mp3?id=2047

Adelaide's Lament:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/10 adelaide's lament.mp3?id=2048

Guys and Dolls:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/13 guys and dolls.mp3?id=2051

If I Were a Bell:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/18 if i were a bell.mp3?id=2056

I've Never Been in Love Before:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/20 i've never been in love before.mp3?id=2058

Adelaide's Second Lament:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/23 adelaide's second lament.mp3?id=2061

Luck Be a Lady:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/26 luck be a lady.mp3?id=2064

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/29 sit down you're rockin' the boat.mp3?id=2067

The Guys Follow the Fold:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/30 the guys follow the fold.mp3?id=2068

Marry the Man Today:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/31 marry the man today.mp3?id=2069

The Happy Ending:  /userfiles/629/my files/new folder/performance tracks/34 the happy ending.mp3?id=2072




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