Make-Up Assignments

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Choir Concert Make Up Assignments

Write a summary for any three of the articles below. 
Please review how to write a summary before you begin.  Each summary should be at least 6 sentences long.  

How to Write a Summary

Joining Choir Makes You Happy
Singing Changes Your Brain
Hearts Beat as One
Why Be In Choir
How to Choir


Homecoming Alternate Assignment


Watch this video:

Answer the question on this viewing guide and return to Ms. Braun:  Worksheet

If you don't have a printer, the questions are listed below. You can answer them on blank paper.

As you watch the video segment, focus on the following questions. Take notes in the spaces below.

  1. How did The Star-Spangled Banner become a popular song?



  2. Why did some Americans still consider the War of 1812 to be a victory for the United States?




  1. What were some of the objections to making The Star-Spangled Banner the national anthem?



  2. Why did Maryland groups such as the Maryland Daughters of 1812 have a special interest in making The Star-Spangled Banner the national anthem?



  3. What role did each of the following people play in spreading the influence of The Star-Spangled Banner?

John Philip Sousa -


Mrs. Holloway -


John Charles Linthicum -


President Herbert Hoover -