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Classical Weaving/Fiber Arts 
Tutorial Links

Hula Hoop Rug
Pot Holder


Use the links provided to answer the following questions on a clean sheet of notebook paper.  You do not need to rewrite the question.

1.  What does weaving consist of?

2.  The dates for the classical period are 1750-1825.  What was happening to weaving during this time?

3.  What are some tools necessary for weaving?

4.  Can you think of any other crafts related to weaving?

5.  When and where did paper beads come from?

6.  Google the dates for the Victorian Era.  What are they?

7.  What are some necessary tools for paper bead making?

8.  What could you make with paper beads after you have created some?

9.  Though soap making predated Colonial America by thousands of years, what where the 2 main ingredients used to make soap in Early America?

10.  Click on the “how to make soap” link and list the nine methods of soap making.

11.  Bath salts are a related product to handmade soap.  What ingredients are necessary to make them?

12.  Sugar scrubs are also a related product.  What ingredients are necessary to make it?  

13.  Now that you are familiar with your three craft options for your media project, which would you prefer to do?