PC Students at Kentucky Youth Assembly

Give some props to the following students! They did a great job at the Kentucky Youth Assembly!  These students are being recognized at next week’s board meeting.


William McIver and Allison Kerns - Bill Authors (HB 49 Signed into Law)

William McIver - Outstanding Delegate

Sarah Price - Solicitor General

Laura Cherry - Executive Committee

Shelby Harville- Media Core

Allison Higgins - Delegate

Ashley Johnson - Delegate

Taylor Cooper and Meredith Oakes - Premier Bill Authors

PCHS Delegation of Excellence

KYA Conference Confusion

Ashley K (our regional director) offered us a financial incentive to attend the December KYA conference instead of the November conference.  Please be aware that the December conference is smaller.  A smaller conference may mean less crowds for EVERYTHING!  I realize that is both good and bad for students.  Please feel free to stop by with your comments or concerns about attending either conference.  
Let your voice be heard!!!
I felt obligated to let you know about this before making a decision.  As this is your conference, your experience, and YOUR money, you should help me decide.  THANKS!!!


Financial aid forms are due October 12, 2011 no matter the conference we attend.  Do not forget to apply.

Cost for the conference is 215.00 per student room of 4 students.  

The total amount due may change depending on the conference we attend.  The earliest date the total amount due will be OCTOBER 28th and the latest (if we attend the second conference) - November 14  

I added a link to the website where you can find more information about the conference.   Please use this resource.