Angel Tree Sign Ups

To register a child or multiple children:

  • Child(ren) MUST live in Pulaski County

  • Parents/guardians ONLY may sign-up their children, ages birth to 18 (as long as the 18 year old is still in school)

  • Parents/guardians MUST bring a photo ID

  • You must bring proof of Pulaski County residency (electric bill, rent receipt, doctor's bill, etc.)

  • Bring either proof of income or a SNAP approval letter (NOT the benefits card)

  • You must also supply the names, addresses, and accurate phone numbers for TWO references (This can be pastors, neighbors, social workers, school resource directors, teachers or friends who can attest to your need but they can NOT be family members)

  • Please also bring proof of custody or guardianship from court if divorced, separated, fostering or not the child's parent

  • Be sure to have accurate clothing and shoe sizes for each child, a short list of favorites and a short list of toys or fun things each child would like to receive (List no electronics, bikes, or big ticket items, please)

  • School resource directors, approved agencies such as Quest, Adanta, InTrust, Mindsight, Phoenix, etc., and other social workers may attend the sign-up for their client if parents/guardians are unavailable. You may also email for the registration forms to have in advance.

Meeting times and locations:

Mon 10/18 10:00 -5:00 Pulaski Public library Room A

Tues 10/19 1:00-3:30 Science Hill Branch Library

Wed 10/20 10:00-5:00 Shopville Branch Library 

Thurs 10/21 10:00-3:30 Burnside Branch Library

Fri 10/22 12:30-5:00 Main Branch library Conference Center

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