Comprehensive School Improvement Planning (CSIP)

  1. CSIP/SBDM Due Dates and Agenda Items
  2. eProve Diagnostics Login - CSIP
  3. Video: How to Enter and Submit Progress Notes
  4. AdvancED Survey Results Folder (2018)
  5. CSIP Template (Mike's) - Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Activities (2018-19)
  6. CSIP Coordinators Meeting Information (9-26-18)


  1. CSIP/SBDM Due Dates and Agenda Items
  2. SBDM Council Meeting Notes (9-26-18)

Quick-Reference Due Dates 
November 1

  • *Phase I: Continuous Improvement Diagnostic (Official due date is Oct 1)
  • *Phase II: The Needs Assessment for Schools
  •   Phase II: School Assurances (New)
  •   Phase II: School Safety Report 

November 23

  • *Phase III: Comprehensive Improvement Plan for Schools (CSIP)
  • *Phase III: Closing the Achievement Gap Diagnostic
  •   Phase III: Executive Summary for Schools
  •   Phase III: Title I Annual Review (Not required for NMS, SMS, & SWHS)