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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment Results

Proficient Reading: 35% | Distinguished Reading: 17% | Proficient Math: 33% | Distinguished Math: 10%

Do What's Right- Staff


Do What’s Right


The purpose of the Do What’s Right Program (DWRP), is to recognize and reward Pulaski County High School Staff Members for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds through a unique partnership with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

Certified and Classified Staff Members of the Month Awards have been established to recognize outstanding people for their dedication, professionalism and work. Those receiving these awards will be nominated by students, parents, administrators, and colleagues for excellence in their classroom and field of work.

Nominations forms are available in the front office or request one from Deputy Wesley. The Teacher and Staff of the Month will be awarded with a certificate, recognition at the school, on the website, photo with yours truly and the sheriff and an opportunity to be entered for the Teacher or Staff Member of the Year Award.  

Each month, we will recognize a different staff member based on her/his contributions to the school, excellence in the classroom, leadership abilities, citizenship, community involvement and a variety of other criteria. Staff will be nominated and selected based on the following criteria.

Selection Criteria

1.      Excellence in the Classroom or in his/her job-consistently advancing students to higher levels of academic achievement.

2.      Motivation-having the ability to motivate and encourage students and co-workers to advance past their expectations both academically and socially.

3.      Leadership-serving as a leader not only in the classroom, but also throughout the school.

4.      Community Service-demonstrating the importance of civic responsibility by being active in community or other service organizations.

5.      Creativity and Imagination-demonstrating creativity and imagination in their lesson plans and teaching methods that inspire students to learn. For staff, this means demonstrating creativity and imagination in carrying out their job duties in such a way that they motivate and inspire others in the school community to learn.

6.      Dedication-showing excellent attendance, punctuality and a desire to see their student’s advance, in addition participating in programs and activity outside the school day.

7.       Communications-communicating articulately to their classrooms, colleagues and beyond


In the school year, starting in January of 2021. Parents, students, law enforcement officers, teachers, staff members and other community members can nominate up to (1) staff members for “do what’s right” for recognition during that month.  Additionally, the selection committee reviews the monthly winners and selects (1) finalist for the Do What’s Right Program of the year award.


How to Submit


You may submit your nomination by the 25th of each month by 3:00pm in the following ways.


1.      Print the nomination form and place in Deputy Wesley’s mailbox.

2.      Email Deputy Wesley the nomination form @